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The Xbox 360: At Least It Isn't A Ps3

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By Christopher Harty on
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Although the Xbox 360 is now infamous for being the system that is most likely to "Crash and Burn", the reality is that Microsoft has fixed the majority of these problems. The Xbox 360 is currently the leading console in the "Console War" which means that 3rd party publishers considering making big name titles for only one system will most likely choose the Xbox 360, so their game and target a bigger audience. As of December 2007, the game selection is without a doubt the best. Blockbuster titles like Halo 3 and Gears of War are what set it apart from their brethren (The "I have good games....really...." PS3 and the Wii, which has alot of potential but at the moment is in dire need of a good game.) The Xbox 360 can match the suposedly more powerful PS3 in pure horsepower and it has more of what really matters most, the great games.

Choose a 360 over a PS3, you won't be dissapointed.