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The Xbox 360. Innovation ?

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Luca Infante By Luca Infante on
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The Xbox 360 was an innovation in gaming. It was one of the first HD consoles to come onto the market and it took the world by storm. With its outstanding graphics and beautiful design it was surely a masterpiece as far as the gaming world was concerned. But how far does the rabbit hole go ? - is there a deeper side, where reliability and cost conflict ? Is Microsoft all that it's cracked up to be ?

The Xbox is a fantastic machine. However there are a few cons that persist the longer that you have it... Number one. The Red Rings. It's an extremely frustrating malfunction within the machine which basically means that the solder inside has melted and gone everywhere. It kills that little white box cold. Stopping any playing until you send it off to Microsoft or buy a brand new Xbox. Microsoft says that it was a fault in the design and wasn't expected but it really kills you from a gamer point of view. Just Imagine, your really excited about completely your favorite RPG ( because they're the best ) and you have thought about it all day not really focusing on anything else. And then, as you press the button, and the spinning green thing goes around you see . Three. RED. RINGS. Some gamers don't make it out. Some can't even bare the thought of sending it off to Microsoft. It makes you feel really small, and ripped off. Not good.

Number two. Xbox Live costs. Xbox has amazing online gaming system. However Microsoft ( Those cheeky people ) make us pay £5 a month for this option. It's just not necessary ! First you kill my happiness. THEN you make me pay more. I just don't get it. But If you don't pay, they get mad. They stop you from joining Xbox live party's you can't play online at ALL. It's outrageous.

Now. Enough preaching, Xbox does have a lighter side. It's kinda like Star Wars. Xbox has an incredible world of games available. Every world you can immerse yourself into, is there. And the breathtaking graphics bring closer into the clockwork then you ever could on pacman. Every pixel is beautifully arranged and the gameplay is hard to beat. Depending on what kind of games you like.

The Controller. This is defiantly worth a mention. Surprisingly, the controller is a big deal. If the controller doesn't feel right, then nothing else will. It's like the foundation of the machine. The thing that connects you and it together ( very important ) . Luckily Microsoft's carved this controller perfectly to fit your hands snuggly. Which is nice. And the whole thing has a really nice 'feel' to it . It's smooth and when your playing you feel like a god.

In essence, the Xbox is on two worlds. but luckily it all balances out in the end. the combination and innovation is really smart. And I love playing my Xbox. Whether it be to socialize, or just have a hardcore session til dusk. It's a wicked piece of work. I recommend anyone to go out and get one. Simply because it will make you 'feel'.