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The Yamaha Guitar For Me.

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John Barnes By John Barnes on
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Yamaha erg121 guitar, in all its glory!

So there I was, outside my new guitar teacher's house, about to go in for my first lesson. In the space of a few weeks I'd gone from a complete non-musician to passionate guitar wannabe. I'd purchased a Yamaha ERG121 electric guitar basic pack from Amazon, and after all it's done for me, I feel obliged to sing its praise for a minute or two.

The anecdote above is me, 3 years ago, and the guitar basic pack that I bought, including the guitar, an amp, some spare strings and plectrums, has increased in price by £70, from £150 to £220. While seeming a little expensive, the price is justifiable in my opinion - I believe this is a bottom-end luxury guitar, and I have seen it in many shops that specialize in luxury guitars.

This verifies the idea of its high demand, and let me tell you why it's so popular. It is 100% reliable. Strings have broken as they always do with guitars, the high E string has broken 5 times for me, but aside from that it has been perfect. The sound quality is excellent, and it proves a delight to play - low action (meaning notes are easier to stress, cheaper guitars have high action), and a smooth wooden fretboard make it a dream! It may only come in a simple black finish but I believe this is a must have for anyone in the market for a guitar.

I was reading an E-zine article recently that mentioned Yamaha as a reliable brand - the evidence is clearly in favour of this little beauty being awesome value for money, and I wholeheartedly support that view. I now have 4 guitars, and still believe my Yamaha is the best! I would recommend it to any guitarist or anyone who is interested in learning the guitar as it is an affordable yet great sounding guitar!