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The Year 2012 In Perspective

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Are you interested in the many different concepts surrounding the date December 21, 2012? Well then you just might wish to delve into the very interesting and scientifically supported information that Gregg Braden has to share in his book Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and The New World Age.

This interesting take on what we might expect as we near this intriguing period in our History is available in CD format as well as Hard cover book from the Publisher Hay House as well as from a variety of other sources includingAmazon.com where it is also available for the Kindle.

Gregg Braden has always had an inquisitive mind and this has led him to many places and allowed him to experience many things including undertaking the task of being part of a global Initiative called the Global Coherence Initiativewhich I became part of a few months ago and which involves numerous scientific studies that are backed by scientific data and relates to how the Earth and those of us who live on it are connected.

The Quick, unscientific lowdown of Fractal Time

I'm far removed from scientific theories or explorations so my version of this particular book will be a very dumbed down version with a lot of information missing that ...well, will be up to you to pursue if you should find this type of information of interest to you.

Almost everyone I know has at least a passing interest in the year 2012 and the events so many are surmising could spell the end of our world - literally. I was first introduced to the Mayan culture many years ago and again when one of my children became interested in Ancient Civilizations and was fortunate enough to be taught by a teacher who was exceptionally knowledgable about the Mayan civilization. I revisited this culture through the eyes of my son and as he would relay what he was learning, my interest grew.

Fast forward to a few months ago when Gregg Braden came across my radar and I began looking again at the Mayan civilization, this time more closely. Fractal Time was published in approximately March of 2009 but it wasn't until May that I was able to locate this publication in CD format. I let it sit and then finally was able to place it on my phone so that I could listen to it wherever and when ever I wished. I have been running the audio of this book now for about 3 weeks, listening whenever I get a chance and sometimes going back and forth within chapters to try and fully understand the context, the meaning and the implications that Gregg Braden spells out in laymens terms.

Fractals - patterns within patterns

The information within Fractal Time is amazing when you actually sit down and weigh it against our times now and the events that have taken place in our lifetime and I won't lie, it is eerily worrisome at times to think that we are only the 6th generation to actually be experiencing what is coined as "The New World Age". According to Braden, our world goes through one of these New World Ages every 5, 125 years and given the scientific information that has been compiled, the next event is indeed expected December 21, 2012. However, we have already been within this transition for awhile now and the premise that supports this fact is the overwhelming information that confirms previous transitions and the events that developed that led up to each of the previous 5 World Age evolutions. During the period of time when the earth is the furthest away from the Milky Way Galaxy, in times past, through various scientific explorations and methods, it was discovered that catastrophies, draughts, famines, floods and wars were the harbinger and predecessor to this great change. Those civilizations that perished under these many varied onslaughts did so through their own actions or inactions and inability or innate ignorance to work as a civilization should for the betterment of their world rather than its destruction. Civilizations such as the ancient Egyptians, the Mayans and others chose to document such occurrences for future generations to hopefully learn and benefit from when the next change took place.We are the generation that today, thanks to computers, investigations and an untiring group of individuals dedicated to unravelling the ancient trail and its messages, have the opportunity to create our future - the question is, how do we choose to do so?

We've all heard the phrase "history repeats" and Fractal Time brings this into line beautifully for us as Gregg Braden spells out the many past events in our world's history that seems to clearly point to that theory as being sound and accurate. During every World Age that has taken place over the last 26, 000 years events that have led up to it have been fraught with hardships, extreme changes and wars. One of the pieces of evidence that Braden clearly spells out for us is that all of the changes that we have been experiencing the past number of years including the financial trends, famines, floods, global warming and many others are simply put...part of the process.

What it boils down to is this...

Man! Man must be resourceful, willing and dedicated to ensure that the changes that are taking place are dealt with rationally and with enough forethought and conviction to ensure that the path taken is not one of historical repetition that could very well lead to their demise.

For anyone with even a passing interest in the date of December 21, 2012 or with a strong interest in learning more about how our Earth is truly an incredible, magnificent place that deserves and accepts our respect for it and for all things that live upon it, you owe it to yourself to seek out this book or CD format and absorb it. I think you will come away with a much different perspective and perhaps one that is less likely to easily and without action or care, accept the claim that December 22, 2012 may not arrive. This book allows you to believe otherwise.