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The Zune Hd By Microsoft

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By cdog on
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The ZuneHD

The ZuneHD is a wonderful PMP (Personal Media Player). The Zune is a device that was developed by the Microsoft Corporation. The device has been around for a couple of years now and it has served me well.

Just like any device in this electronically driven world of ours it has both many pros as well as some cons. The success of this music player has been compared to the iPod, but as it turns out they are completely different devices designed for different types of consumers. The ZuneHD was designed for a consumer whose music and videos are important to them. The Zune itself has a very sleek interface that allows you to get to know you music better than you normally would. Whenever you sync music to your device it will automatically sync that artist's biography, pictures, and even will offer you similar artists that the software believes that you should consider. If you are looking for a device to play games on and have an almost endless supply of games this is most certainly not the device for you. The ZuneHD severely lacks in the category of apps. The app count is almost nonexistent compared to iPod and Android devices. Although the few apps that do exist are high quality, there just aren't enough of these high quality apps to offset the lack of apps.

The experience you receive while using this device is just phenomenal. As you are listening and browsing your music pictures of the artist you are currently viewing will appear in the background. As well as having this nifty feature there is another feature that allows you to automatically create a playlist of similar songs/artists to any song, album, or artist that you so desire. If you have your device connected to the internet it will search its online catalog to find other similar songs to steam directly to your device.

The Zune also has a great radio function. It has the capability to pick up some HD radio stations to give you some extra music experience when the music you have is not what wants to listen to. The radio not only has the ability to listen to the radio, it has the capability to recognize the songs that are playing through HD stations. Through this recognizing of music you are able to add song that you like as you hear them and you no longer have to remember the lyrics for hours so you can look it later. You can also add this song directly to your cart so you can add it to your collection of music as soon as you next connect to an internet source. This revolutionizes how you can discover music over the radio