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Theo Sommer Meteor Dressage Saddle

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klkwid By klkwid on
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Here come my specialty reviews :) The first thing I'd like to review in horse products is the saddle that I love-I've had 3 dressage saddles, this being the third, and it would be the final if my horse didn't lose so much weight that it doesn't fit her quite right anymore.

This saddle is a great quality-nice supple leather, durable, and a great fit for me and my horse. It offers a high back and long flaps that look nice but don't hinder your contact too much. It has long billets for a shorter and more elegant looking girth. The blocks are thick and hold your legs in a superb placement-as a matter of fact, as soon as I started showing in this saddle, my rider position score went up a point. It's very padded for the horse's comfort, too-I have an 18 wide for myself, being 5'8" and my horse being a large Percheron cross mare. Initially this saddle fit us perfectly. I lost my 65 pounds thanks to Weight Watchers (see my review on them too!!), and she lost about 200-300 pounds, probably a little more now with all the extra exercise we've been getting and now she's about a medium tree instead of wide so I'm investigating new saddles to see if we can fit her a little better now. I'm looking seriously at other Theo Sommer saddles because this one just holds me in place so well.

The security you feel in this saddle is worth the price (although this price isn't too high compared to other fancier dressage saddles). I can ride through just about any buck or tweak she throws at me, not that she does too much-she's quite a good girl under saddle-it's our ground manners we need to work on!!

If you're in the market for a reasonable dressage saddle or you know someone who is, check out the Theo Sommer line-Great quality for a good price!!