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There Goes My Apartment Deposit.. Or Does It?

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There's always a risk when you adopt a pet from a shelter. Obviously their previous owner wants to promote their pet in a good light for its next owner, so they leave out some negatives.

This was the case with our new family addition, Honey, a beautiful 6 year old calico. On her "background" paperwork the previous owner put that her only negative quality was that she jumped on tables and counters. This wasn't an issue for me and she was so cute that I agreed to get her.

Fast forward to a few weeks after she started living with us. The couch is torn, the walls are gouged. This definitely won't be covered in my pet deposit!

When we adopted Honey we signed paperwork saying we wouldn't declaw her. It's not very humane because they have to remove part of the cat's toe joint as well as the nail. But her scratching is an issue that we haven't been able to resolve. What to do?

Browsing online I found SoftClaws or SoftPaws. They are nail caps for cats that were developed by a veterinarian, these are vinyl nail caps and covers that work great for problem cat scratching, and a great alternative to declawing. They come in many colors. I chose pink so Honey could be girly.. and so I could tell if they fell off.

I ordered some and held off putting them on her because she would just not sit still for a nail trimming at all. Last night, however, I finally convinced her to sit still long enough.

So far she's doing fine. At first she wanted to chew them off, but after she figured out they were on there pretty well she gave up. She still tries to scratch things, but now it doesn't leave any marks.

They are supposed to last a couple months at a time. We'll see.

Now I'm off to the store to get some sandpaper and touch up paint for those walls -- I'd love my apartment deposit back!

Update On Mar 15, 2008: So far she's done well with her claw covers. She has pulled off 2 -- from her side claws (I call them her thumbs). We put on larger ones there so I think they might have been too big for her.