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There's More Than Fun Included At Discovery Cove!

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If you are looking for an amazing life time experience, fabulous family fun, at an affordable price, look no further than DISCOVERY COVE. We adopted our children at 3 and 7. It was STRESSFUL. At 6 and 10 it was time for our first big family vacation. We had done lots of little things but we needed to bond, relax, and we needed to have fun! We planned our Sea World adventure and while doing research for other activities learned about Discovery Cove. It was a no brainer for us... lazy river, coral reef, swimming with dolphins. Perfect. Well we couldn't swim with the dolphins because that program books up quickly so plan ahead if you want to do that. If you can't fit that in, though, don't feel bad because the basic program is awe inspiring. We arrived in the morning and broke into groups for instruction. After a few minutes of "what to dos" we were sent to the outdoor breakfast area for a leisurely munch and chat with the Fam to plan our day. After that it was off to get our snorkle gear then the day was ours. We floated the lazy river, through the caves, under the waterfalls, and under wather looking for the hidden treasure. The AMAZING part was snorkeling the salt water coral reef. At one point, as I was face down looking at the fish down below, everything went dark. It took a minute to realize that a giant sting swam right beneath me. I was able to reach down and pet him. At another point my 4 year old daughter started screaming, "shark! shark! shark!" and doggie paddling so fast but not going anywhere. She had run across some sharks but they were behind glass that you couldn't see. It was so exciting. For some dry fun we explored the bird aviary and had the most beautiful exotic birds land right on our fingers. At any time you can rest on a comfy lounge chair on the beach. There is food served all day with a scrumptious scheduled dinner late in the afternoon. Every bit of food and drink at Discovery Cove is included in the price, INCLUDING anything at the Anheiser Busch snack stand including pretzels, chips, hot dogs, and every yummy Anheiser Busch product made. Don't be fooled by the idea of free flowing liquor, though... this IS a family vacation that caters to the Parent AND the adult in you. It was the most fun and laid back experience I have ever had and cannot wait to go back. *There is also a shorter, twilight package designed for all you love bugs!

Update On Feb 18, 2008: CLARIFICATION: I wrote this review in a few sittings and did not proof closely enough. I regret the typos I cannot fix, but most importantly I want to correct that my daughter was 6, not 4, when the sharks were "chasing" her. :-) It was a typo and it conflicts with my mention of the kids being 6 and 10. Sorry for the confusion.