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There's More To This Cat Food Than Meets The Eye!

Reviewing: Science Diet Feline Hairball Control Formula Light 8.5 Pounds  |  Rating:
Mia Blaisdell By Mia Blaisdell on
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The reason behind why I stated "There more to this cat food than meets the eye" starts with the story about my Maine Coon, Taz. A few years ago he began acting a bit sickly, like he wasn't feeling well, then I noticed he didn't want to sit down on his bottom. He also wouldn't jump up place he would normally with out effort, he avoided it. So, it was time to go to the vet. The day before we were to take him, I noticed he had blood on his bottom, well needless to say my partner and I panicked and rushed him to the emergency vet clinic!

Well, what his problem was, was he (and I know this sounds gross) had clogged and infected anal glands and he had to have surgery. According to the vet, it was something that usually dogs have problems with sometimes, but since he is a large breed cat that they too can be affected. It's not often, but it does happen with cats. So poor Mr. Taz had a defective bottom, and after healing and months later another sugery from them acting up again, we found a vet who actually helped him! She recommended we go out and buy him Science Diet hairball control light formula dry food. The reason being that it has the highest fiber content of the dry cat foods out there, which is 10.0%. She said this will help keep his digestive system going well and it should keep his little bottom on track and healthy too. Also it has a lot of things for his overall health too, like low fat for healthy weight, nutrients to reduce shedding, vitamins E & C, Taurine and much more. So we got him some Science Diet and it worked! He has been healthy ever since with no more bad bottom troubles and that made both him and us very happy!

It's slightly higher in price than other foods, but it's well worth it. So if you encounter problems with your cat or dog like I've encountered with Taz, ask your vet about this food. It just may be the blessing in disguise that will make you and your furkid feel much better!