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Thermaltake M9 Mid Tower Computer Case

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Tristan Cole By Tristan Cole on
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I bought this Thermaltake case for my new computer. I saw it, and had never seen it anywhere else. It was just released, and Thermaltake is an amazing company (been using their stuff for years), so I said "Hey, I like this!!!" and bought it! I am very glad I did.

First thing I noticed about this case when I took it out was its weight. It was not a heavy case like some other ones I have used. It is light and nice. I also noticed the case is sleek and sexy. The side panel is amazing, and the 2 120mm blue LED fans are bright! The front prefforated drive bays are also AMAZING for cooling, and really look cool also. This is a mid-tower case, so it doesn't seem as big, but actually, it is huge!!! There are 2 front USB connectors and front audio at the top of the case.

The case is very sturdy. Coming from other cases, I usually am used to them rattling around, but this one doesn't. It was built right and meant to handle heavy duty parts! Another nice feature is the removable hard drive cage. It was a great little thing to take and place anywhere! I realy enjoyed that. Another thing when I frist booted it up, I noticed the 120mm fans that came with it were almost silent! That was with my power supply, video card, and CPU fans running too! That excited me a lot!

The one thing I didn't like about the case was the easy to use drive bay slots. They are not meant for 2 slot cooled video cards, such as my HD 3870. I just had to unscrew it, but it would have been nicer if it would have stayed. My video card was a little long, but that was only because of the video card and where I had the hard drive, but with my card being 8 inches (maybe more!), it is a big sucker.

Overall, this case is a 100% getter for looks and efficiency! Get it for your computer!!!