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Therma Purr By Smarty Kat, A Bed Your Cat Will Use!

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Mia Blaisdell By Mia Blaisdell on
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Around the holidays, I like to get my cats a little something for Christmas too. I also like getting them things that will be beneficial for them as well. So I went looking for something they would really enjoy. I looked at all kinds of toys and such, and a few beds, but the problem with buying them beds, is they don't use them. I've tried several kinds over the years and they may investigate it, but refuse to sleep in them and I end up returning them or giving them to a pet shelter.

This bed however caught my attention when I saw it, and I stopped and took a closer look. It's called the ThermaPurr therapeutic cat bed and it's made by SmartyKat. What set this apart from all the other beds is that it has a microwavable insert that warms the bed, which is filled with 100% natural buckwheat. What is great about this is it heats up and dissipates the heat evenly. It also conforms to your cat, easing pressure points. So after looking it over, I was sold! I have 2 older cats, who are 11 and 13 years old, and their joints ache, especially in the winter months. I also have a couple younger ones who seek out heat and love to borough in blankets and such.

Being made by SmartyKat is also a huge plus. I haven't bought a single thing made by them my cats didn't like, and that is saying something, because I have 6 cats! So anyone who knows anything about multi-cat households, knows it's hard to please all of them all the time!

The bed from what I saw is in solid colors only and there were 3 colors, light blue, dark brown, and a dark maroon. These beds are very well made and can be placed just about anywhere, and can even fit in a medium sized carrier for trips and such. The material is a soft micro suede and is fully washable, just unzip the opening on the bottom and take the microwave insert out and pad and toss the shell into the machine. Care instructions are on the card that comes with the bed and they are very few and simple. Also, extremely important, do not overheat microwave insert! You could injure yourself and / or your cat, so heat for 1 minute only.

So now to the verdict, did they boycott it like the rest of the beds, or love it? I am pleased to say, this is the best bed ever! All of them love it and all of them take turns sleeping in it, in fact I had to get another. It makes me so happy to see them actually enjoying it, I'm contemplating a 3rd bed! So keep this in mind if you have a older cat or ones that refuse to sleep in cat beds, this is well worth picking up for them!