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These 2 Way Radios Are Too Fun!

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I can still remember the first set of walkie talkies I ever got. They were a Christmas gift for my twin sister and me. We loved them and used them all the time, for years they rated right up there as one of our favorite items!

We'd hide them in our pockets and then "tell" where the older ones we're hiding when one of us was "it" during a game of hide and seek or as a warning if the other one was about to get caught misbehaving. At night we'd use them bedroom to bedroom so we could keep talking after our mom had declared lights out. Those walkie talkies were one of the best gifts we ever got.

While we no longer talk to my sister that way, our kids do! My sister thought the kids would have fun at the family reunion if they too had some walkie talkies. Of course now they are 2-way radios (Audiovax FR-560FM) but basically the same thing. She gave my twins a set for their birthday and another set for her twins' birthday (they are 2 weeks apart) and a third set for the other kids to join in. The kids loved them and close to two years later, we still have them - a miracle around here! Especially considering they have been down to the beach hundreds of times as well as on vacations and sleep-over's!

So, Just How Does It Work?

Very basic here: the Audiovax FR-560FM is a portable two-way radio with a built in FM receiver. When you own more than one, you can use them to communicate to the person with the second radio.

To turn it on you hold down the orange power (PWR) for 2 seconds. You will hear a little bell tone which will let you know it is on. You can read and set all the functions by looking at the LCD display. There are 14 channels and all of them need to be on the same channels to be able to communicate with each other.

The maximum range is two miles and although I am not certain of the minimum range, they will only give you static if you are just a few feet apart. To talk, just press in the largest button on the left side and hold it in while you speak into the front of the radio. When you are finished, just release the button. The other radios can respond by repeating the same process.

The Audiovax FR-560FM is nice and small so even a child can fit it in their hand. The antenna folds down which helps keep it from breaking. These also can be used as a FM radio which is a nice option, especially with ear buds.

This is a great 2 way radio and with the battery save mode (which it switches to after 10 seconds of inactivity) you can get more time out of your 3 AAA batteries. Add in the fact it has a key (keeping it on the same channel) and a belt clip and you can see how this is great for younger kids too. They have given the kids a great deal of fun and I would highly recommend them.