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These Boots Were Made For Working!Caterpillar Boots.

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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Boots made for working.

I have a new pair of boots, not for leisure but good srong work boots. These are rugged, and made by Caterpillar. Yes this is the same company that makes the famous track-layng vehicles. Well the firm also provide a wide range of workwear, including boots of course. You can see the range of Caterpillar boots and other workwear online.

The boots I have, were obtained at a local car boot sale, (no pun intended) and were brand new, but I only had to pay five Pounds Sterling! This is a lot cheaper than the recommended retail price of £66! The boots are designed for work, are made from leather, and have rubber soles and heels, plus a steel toe-cap. They are obviously made for use as part of your personal protection equipment. The size is a UK size 9 (USA 10) and they are available in three widths, mine are a wide fitting. The boots are a dark brown, but come in black too. The laces are threaded through four pairs of eyelets, then round two pairs of hooks like the climbing boots tent to be.

The uppers are used as an advertising space, as the name CAT is displayed on the tongue, and the full name Caterpillar is stitched onto a yellow strip, on both sides. There is also a trade mark Caterpillar tractor logo stamped onto the outer heel, under a similar stamp saying STEEL TOE. Just in case you missed those, there is also a leather tab at the bottom of the laces, with the Caterpillar name stamped into it.

I find these boots very comfortable, and I keep the leather supple with polish. There is a lot of support given to the ankle, with a padded ring around the top of the upper. The tongue is also padded, so the laces are not felt. The boots can be worn with thin socks as the insides are a well designed shape.

The only problem I have had, is the lace that snapped, within a week! This was due to a piece of one of the eyelets having a sharp edge stuck up, this was bent down and is now perfect. The original Caterpillar laces were striped, and of very good quality. The boots are shown in the picture as they normally look - dirty! They do get washed, dried, and polished, but generally tend to look grubby. When poilshed with Kiwi boot polish, they shine like new.

In conclusion, I would say these are very good quality boots, and I am sure they are going to last for many years. I would obviously have another pair, but probably not at the normal price!