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These Days

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1995These Days was Bon Jovi's sixth solo-album and it was released in 1995, some shaky times for the music culture.

I do realize that a lot of people and critics hated Bon Jovi for the fact that they popularized glam metal in the mid 80's with their platinum selling 'Slippery When Wet' and that Jon Bon Jovi became poster boys for every teenage girl out there. But the band changed entirely from this point of view in 1995.Recording and releasing 'These Days' after their highly succesful Best Of compilation Crossroad, Bon Jovi turned to a more serious sound for this record. Leaving behind their 'feel-good' and uplifting songs, These Days is nothing short of genius musical creativity.

Full of subtle lyrics and haunting melodies that deal life, death and respect to life today, the album starts with the amazing and aggressive Hey God. There have been songs like this written before and after, but Bon Jovi somehow bettered it with their transcending energy.The second track is Something For The Pain which is an amazing song full of beautiful lyrics regarding love, disappointment and broken relationships.

This Ain't A Love Song was their only hit off of this CD. The title of the song somehow symbolizes the nature of the album as a serious and more insightful work. It's a beautiful song with amazing lyrics. The metaphors in this one are very poetical.These three introductory tracks lead to These Days, the title track of the album. It's probably their most ambitious song of the CD and in their entire catalog. David Brian shows that he's an amazing pianist and Jon shows us once again that he's an amazing songwriter. The song has a deep message about life and dreams.

'Lie To Me and Damned are more experimental and resemble to 'Hey God', nevertheless they make this great album even bigger.Probably Bon Jovi's only depressing song is My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms. It's very emotional, and the imagery created by the haunting lyrics and vocals is just hallucinatory.

But their saddest piece is without any doubt (It's Hard) Letting You Go. This heart-breaking love song is the tearjerker of the album. It's very sad and emotional. It makes you wonder how Jon could write so beautiful yet hurting lyrics as he was in a happy marriage.There comes finally a somehow uplifting song; Hearts Breaking Even tackles the troubles of love and life once again but in a more energetic nature.

Something To Believe In is a declaration of faith from John. It's very sincere.'If That's What It Takes' is the other uplifting song from the album. It's a love declaration. There is a strong contrast with the rest of the album as this song talks about strong love and does not tackle break-up and broken hearts. It's a refreshing song because of its optimistic nature and message.

Diamond Ring is probably the most interesting song on this one. While the melody is down-beat, the lyrics are up-beat and talk about marriage and love that last forever. It's a strange marriage proposal, but is very beautiful and catchy.The album closes with Bitter Wine, a bittersweet song about a relationship that almost worked.

This is an amazing album. It's one of my all time favorites because of the sincere and strong lyrics and because you can empathize instantly with the little stories behind the songs. I also considered it very underrated, although critics hailed it. Bon Jovi does not really play songs of this album live anymore and that's a pity.Don't miss out on this marvelous album!

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