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These Speakers Don't Rock

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Recently we purchased a new computer. Not liking the idea of using the monitor speakers as the computer's sound source, and having an ear for bass, we opted to purchase external computer speakers with a subwoofer. The Philips 38W Smart Sound computer speakers were the set we purchased.

Initially their looks and numbers are what captured our attention. The total watt output (38) compared to similar multimedia sets seemed okay and was better than what we had for the old computer. This Philips system is a 2.1 multimedia set. The satellites produce 3.5 watts per channel and the subwoofer 12 watts.

What we liked:

The satellites are individually wired and plug separately to the subwoofer.

The subwoofer has its own volume control for more boom.

The sound quality was rich and full.

What we disliked:

The system comes with a wired remote volume control that does not control power (on/off). Having the remote was nice; however, without the ability to power on and off the system you are forced, in our case, to crawl under the desk to power it from the subwoofer.

The volume was not near what we were expecting. No matter what we did with the computer's settings, we could never get these Philips 38W Smart Sound speakers to rock. Now we understand we did not pay for a large home audio surround system, and these are only computer speakers, but these had to be turned all the way up all the time to give you any good noise. The lower volume setting was too quiet to hear even the dings and pings of the computer, let alone music. This was not the case for our old setup.

Generally, if you are in the market for a full sounding set of speakers, for the money you will be pleased with these Philips 38W Smart Sound speakers. If you are looking for speakers to rock your office, look elsewhere.

In the end we returned this Philips 38W Smart Sound set to the store.