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They Call It Fat Flush For A Reason

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This plan has helped me control my weight since 2004.

A change to western eating habits and the lowered metabolism which comes with the passage of time had caused my weight to inch up over a period of years. I had tried some other diets but they usually lacked the positive reinforcement of fairly quick initial results. The Fat Flush Plan was different.

The Fat Flush Plan is a low carbohydrate diet developed by a nutritionist specializing in weight loss.



There three phases:

- Phase 1: The initial two weeks of Fat Flush are a detoxification phase. The rules during this phase are rather strict, but the book provides detailed menu planning ideas. Some of the prohibited items in the first phase are dairy products, sugar, salt, alcohol, wheat, cooking oil, and starchy vegetables.

- Phase 2: Is for people who want to lose additional weight after two weeks of Phase 1. There are fewer prohibited ingredients in this phase (even a limited amount of certain carbohydrates are permissible).

- Phase 3: Is a weight maintenance program referred to as the 'Lifestyle Eating Plan'. It is least restrictive of all the phases, but still integrates certain food combination rules, health rituals, and supplements.

The book explains some of the underlying principles for the diet. There are menu plans for each phase (day by day for phase 1), exercise and lifestyle recommendations, a resources section (for products and information), and 15 pages of bibliography. There is a chapter on how to integrate Fat Flush principles when eating in restaurants or other places away from home.

The Fat Flush Plan places an emphasis on portion control, Omega 3 fatty acids (in the form of Flaxseed Oil), fiber (psyllium), thermogenic spices, and cranberry water (high quality cranberry juice and water). CLA and GLA are two supplements which are recommended during portions of the program.

This book contains 41 recipes. There is a separate cookbook containing more than 200 recipes. There are several online forums dedicated to Fat Flushing.

Some planning is required in order to have all of the necessary ingredients (and supplements) on hand. Some people might want to order the supplements over the Internet. There are some recommendations on some diet adjustments to make prior to phase 1.

It is helpful to have a health food store nearby (or even better a Trader Joe's) to buy real cranberry juice, psyllium, flax seeds, etc.

Personally, I try to do phase 1 every three months, and then sort of let go at other times. I know this is probably not the best approach. However, like many Singaporeans 'Live to eat, not eat to live'.