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They Live

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You ever feel like the powers that be is controlling the world with a hidden agenda. Its like you feel its there but just don't have overwhelming proof. I feel that way somewhat but this film takes its to a another level. This is definitely a film for conspiracy theorists or for people who don't trust alot of things that are suppose to be the status quo. This is the storyline the film They Live tries to convey.

The 3 Main Characters


WWE Legendary Wrestler Roddy Piper plays the actor George who is the main character in the film . George is a drifter in the film looking for work to get by like so many these days. He believes and thinks he knows the world around him until things start to slowly unravel. One of the first signs he notices is mistreatment by the authorities of a group of people. This sets of a domino effect of the things to come.


Frank interacts with George in this movie the most and has a different view on life when compared to Frank. It doesn't take long for George's view to agree more with Frank except with a more radical viewpoint. Still, overall I think Frank as a character could have been more interesting in the film.He wasn't that good at being the second most important character in the film. If I had one word to describe Frank in the film it would be Dull.


The first thing I notice when seeing her in the film is "Whats with that womans eyes?". She also seems too calm in situations for the scenes to be taken seriously.

The Glasses

This is really the main focal point of the movie since it reveals to George whats really going on. The special glasses allows him to distinguish aliens from regular people and thats not all. It turns out the world is a prison planet thats shows encrypted messages that cannot be seen without the Special Glasses. Talk about being freaked out. If it was for real and someone were put the Special Glasses then your whole thoughts about the world would be shattered instantly or maybe not so much if you happen to be a more paranoid person. I would imagine if it was for real then just about all the politicians would be seen for who they really are(Except Politician Ron Paul who tells it like it is).Whats even more senseless is he finds a whole box of these Glasses and takes just one of them and he walks around seeing whats really going on. I would of gone back and got the box gave them all away for free for others to where and see. However, he tries to do things the hard way trying to convince people to believe the unbelievable and put on his glasses. I guess I'm being a little too judgemental with that statement because being in a situation like George was would be traumatic for anyone.

My Thoughts About the Solution

The problem George has to overcome to publicly reveal the aliens to everyone is dumb because it just is too simple. Its like if aliens wanted to had their identity bad enough it seems like they would have better counter-measures or more like a Plan B solution.

Compliments about the Film

The creators of the film really do a good job at creating the feeling of isolation/loner for George throughout a good portion of the film as he slowly discovers whats really going on. The film isn't like that for too long though as things start to pick up and others get more involved. The Story overall is cool but recently not as cool as it use to be compared to years back. The Story also doesn't move too fast and goes at a good pace.

Stuff That Could of Been Better

When George defends himself in fights it can get unrealistic. Such as the fight scene he has with Frank with both of them hitting each other and not puttin their hands up to protect their bodies. Although that could of been corrected it still was a good fight scene. The worst lack of self-defense by George involves him jumping out in the middle of a shootout firing at all kinds of aliens who would of easily shoot him in real life. The Soundtrack isn't good either and wouldn't be memorable. Also, like I've already the acting of Frank and Holly could of been better.

The Comedy

Some of the encrypted messages George sees once he puts on the glasses are funny. The Film saves the best comedy for last(Very Funny).

My Thoughts About the Movie Overall

I liked the movie better years back compared to when I just recently watched it. The reason I feel this way is because of the overall paranoid theme and distrust of people and governments that seems to be growing which this movie portrays. Although the movie is fiction some true aspects of the film linger which is sad. Would I still recommend watching it? I would still say its worth watching.