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Third Watch One Of The Best Shows Ever

Reviewing: Third Watch Season One Dvd Set Season One  |  Rating:
By mom2one on
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If you have not seen an episode of Third Watch, you are missing an excellent TV series.

Last February Third Watch finally came out on DVD. It was a long way for Third Watch fans as the show had been off the air for a while. Currently they only have Season One on DVD, but I am hoping Season Two will be out very shortly.

Third Watch premiered in 1999. I started watching it on the first season and was hooked until the very end. I am not sure why it did not get the ratings it deserved. I think NBC changed its time slot around so much that it could not get a strong following.

Basically Third Watch is about the 3 pm to 11 pm shift of New York City firefighters, police officers and paramedics. It is a quality show without a lot of fluff you seen on some cop shows these days. It is raw and some cases are not easily solved. Some have lasting effects and consequences on the crew. Some cases and how they are dealt push the envelope and you get to begin to understand sometimes, especially out on the mean streets, not every thing is black and white. There is a lot of shades of gray and the Third Watch crew of New York City have to deal with those issues.

Third Watch also deals with the current political issues going on at the time in their shows.

During the seasons of Third Watch you come to love Bosco, Yokas, Bobby, Jimmy, Kim, Sully, Carlos, Doc, Davis and all the rest. You cry when one of them gets hurt or in some cases dies on duty.

I don't think there will be another show like Third Watch. It was one of a kind, real raw emotions of what it takes to be a firefighter, police officer or paramedic on the Third Watch.

Overall I think they could have done more with this DVD set. It seems somewhat low on the production, but I can over look that since I just love the show.

I highly recommend it. I can not wait until the announcement that Season Two is coming out on DVD!