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Thirsties Fab Fitted Diapers

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heathererin By heathererin on
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The Thirsties Fab Fitted replaces their earlier fitted diapers, which were lovely. I really didn't think they could top what they had produced before, but I was pleasantly surprised.

With cute colors that match their Thirsties PUL Diaper Covers, the diapers are very attractive - enough so that during the summer I would have no issue with my baby running around outside coverless. The materials used are very soft, gentle on baby's bottom, and do not bunch or move around during the washing process. These diapers have laundry tabs to help you avoid the dreaded "Diaper Chain" effect, when everything you pull out of the washer or dryer has managed to velcro itself together. The legs are comfortable and non-binding, and have never left red marks on my baby's thighs. The rise is adequate for our long waisted baby, and is very good for babies with normal torso lengths.

Care is easy; solids swish off quickly with either a dunk or a diaper sprayer (in fact, often all that is needed is a shake) and then I have found that my normal cycle of cold prewash, hot wash, cold rinse cleans the diapers very effectively. I have not yet experienced any build up on these diapers, any leakage or repellancy, or any odor. They dry in the drier in the same amount of time as my prefolds and emerge fluffy and soft.

These are my lazy day/crazy baby diapers; I use them when she won't hold still for a prefold and snappy, and they're good for when Grandma or Granny are visiting as well. But given how nice they are, if I was going to switch from prefolds it would probably be to these. All in all a very good workhorse diaper!