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This Ain't No Microwave. It's Real.

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Black & Decker 4-Slice Toaster Oven$39.96 @ Wal-Mart

Feats & Specs

The Black & Decker Toaster Oven/Broiler has 4-slice capacity and easy-to-clean, nonstick surface.

Electronic controls for consistent toasting Bakes, broils, toasts, top browns, defrosts, re-heats Easy-to-clean interior and swing-open crumb tray Bake pan and broil rack included Model No. TRO 570*



Ok, that's the black and white on the box. Now let me tell you about my little friend!

Mine is actually an inheritance from an old buddy that likes to make anything taste great also.

His name is Dave (my buddy, not the toaster, it's un named). He is not here. Nor is he departed.

You'll just have to settle for me.

I have personally been acquainted with this specific device for over a decade. Since my buddy got a replacement for Christmas. It's been on my counter tops for the past 4 years. I know it has gone through four moves and dropped once. Apparently, it's a good seller because it is still on the shelves. If you've been reading my reviews you might have gotten the idea that I don't care for bells and whistles when it comes to... well, most everything. You are correct. Have cookie! No. Really. They're great!

I spend my money on utility, and really appreciate it when it is gifted to me. I have found most everything else eventually gets in the way or contributes to a total breakdown easily avoided if the design had been left well enough alone. This is one that made it out of the factory without any bows in it's hair.

Two dials (bake temp-broil/ toast darkness) one button (on) one light (it's working) completes it's interface.

No repetitive tones, bells, scrolling messages or any such else to tell you something about what I hope you are already aware of doing.

When it's done, it....turns off.

That's it.

It tends to rely on smoke and open flame to warn you of burning.

My kinda guy, simple, cards on the table;-).

So far I have used it to make everything but ice cream, but give me time.

Having "bached it" for some time now, I confess I like the quick eat and prepare on the mini when there's not a platoon milling about my grill(s).

With sufficient dishware, there's just not much you can't make with this appliance. If you're really imaginative, the options really get rolling. I've done soup in this, and spaghetti. Yes, really.

And it was Goooooood. Ribs, veal, steak, chick quarters...

For a first place, college dorm, a bachelor/bachelorette's abode, or just extra prep ammo in your culinary armament, you can't go wrong with this little toughy.

Go on.... You know you want it.;-)