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This Book Bites Back!

Reviewing: Ellen Schreiber Vampire Kisses5:The Coffin Club  |  Rating:
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Vampire Kisses 5

Raven is back in this whole new adventure! This time her nocturnal nosferatu lover, Alexander, has left Dullsville and she has to go out and find him. On her journey she goes back to The Coffin Club, where of course she gets into some trouble with the locals. Alexander, of course, comes to her rescue after Jagger, an irresistible charming antagonist, reveals Raven's secret to the underground vampire world. Jagger again, tries to reveal the vampire world to the outside human world in trying to gain power, but a new vampire comes into town and throws Jagger's plans out the window. raven doesn't know this new vampire and becomes a detective after seeing him spying on her in the club. Will this new vampire prove just to be a new Jagger or someone who loves Raven just as much as Alexander does? Ellen continues her series with more twists and turns than before. This book was thrilling to my senses and every turn of the page made me beg for more. Nothing is better than a vampire/romance novel without all the gore, but with all the laughs. I am excited to read more books from this series and I highly recommend this book for 13+ readers that enjoyed Twilight. It's a little more "teen friendly" than Twilight, but it has all the modern-day vampire love story flair. If you're heading to the library or bookstore this weekend I say, why not check out/buy this great novel!