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This Doesn't Make My Hair Crunchy!

Reviewing: John Frieda Collection Luxurious Volume Bountiful Body Mousse  |  Rating:
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I'm actually not a "styling product" person. Usually I use shampoo and conditioner and let the chips fall where they may. I received this as an Allure magazine giveaway win from the month of June. Something about the fact that this is a foam appealed to me. Even though I have wavy hair, I tend to have flat roots. I think it is probably because my hair is long and thick and it gets weighed down. The lack of volume bothers me a little, but it didn't irk me enough to go get a volumizing product.

I decided to give this mousse a try because I was curious about it and wanted to see if it was "all that." It promises to boost volume in all 3 dimensions (More fullness 110%, 50% more thickness and 90% lift). That sounded good to me. I already had the thickness, but I could use the lift. When I got out of the shower, after I towel-dried my hair, I put a handful of the foam in my hand and started to work it into my hair. I really got into scrunching my hair and developing more curls and waves out of my already wavy hair. This really brings out my hair's natural texture.

Since I have a lot of hair, I ended up applying a total of 3 handfuls of product to my locks. At that point, I felt like my hair was covered enough. I was a bit worried after though. I thought to myself, "Did I get overzealous and apply way too much?" I feared my hair would dry with that crispy feel. Surprisingly, it didn't at all. It's soft and doesn't feel like there's product in it. My hair usually feels a little coarse, so if you have super silky hair, I'm not sure what you'll find. With me, my hair feels pretty much the same which is a good thing. I've found that this does give my hair more volume (Yes!) at the roots and allover. The curls I scrunched have stayed and there's more body. It doesn't leave me frizz-free, but it doesn't promise that. I think if I added serum before hand or some sort of cream afterward, the fuzziness would be history. Also, I wanted to note that the pleasant fragrance of the mousse lingers in my hair all day

I would probably buy this after I run out. It costs $5.99 on drugstore.com, so it's probably around that price at your local drugstore. There are a couple of things I'd change. One thing is that in the directions, it doesn't say how much to use. I think it would be great if they told people how many handfuls to use. The second thing has to do with the mousse getting messy around the grid-like dispenser. I think the dispenser looks cool, but the product gets stuck behind all those holes. I tried to clean it with a Q-Tip and water, but it still didn't look clean. I left it to dry and it dried clear, but it still annoyed me a little.