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This Game Will Leave You Yelling For An Encore

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By amybrantley on
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Do you love music? Do you think a day without music is boring? Then you're the type of person who will love the game Encore.

I have been playing the game Encore since I was probably 7 years old. The game is so simple that anyone can play. Just split your guests into two teams and let the fun begin.

As the team moves across the board, they will be given a word. They must sing a song that has that word in the lyrics. You can back and forth from team to team, each singing a song that has that word until one team is stumped. The team to make it to the end of the board, and sing the last song, wins.

There are only a few cards in the deck, but you can easily upgrade your game by making your own cards. Truthfully, once you get the concept of the game, you don't even need the game board anymore.

I highly recommend this game. It's great at the holidays because everyone who is old enough to remember lyrics can play this game.