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This Hardwood Floor Is Actually Tile

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Last year I put my husband through another of my "let's do this honey" projects. My idea was to redo the small half bath off our kitchen as it hadn't been touched since we moved in 35 years ago.

My vision was to basically gut the room and start over. We needed a new toilet anyway and that's what got me to thinking about this in the first place.

New window, high rise toilet, sink, cabinet and lights were all easy picks. The floor was another thing altogether. I wanted something different, no linoleum this time and we were off to the Tile Shop to look for tiles.

After looking at what seemed like all the tiles ever made we came upon this one that looked so much like a hardwood floor it was hard to tell the difference from a distance. Of course my mind starts working in high gear as we will be redoing our kitchen next and this tile would look absolutely perfect there too!!

As you can see from the pictures, the floor turned out beautifully. My DH put down cement backerboard on top of the wood floor to get it ready for the tile. We borrowed a tile cutter machine from my brother and all the hours watching do-it-yourself shows on TV made this a relatively easy job. We used the little spacers in between the tiles and cemented the tiles down on the backerboard. Of course, it helped that we started in a small room, there was only room for one person, so all I could do was supervise, lol.

We chose a matching grout color close to the tile to that it wouldn't show dirt like a lighter color would. We grouted the floor a few days after we put in the tiles, followed all the directions and it came out perfect. We trimmed off the baseboard with Mexican tiles that I purchased off ebay and also used these as a backsplash for the sink.

There are many benefits to having tile over wood floors. Tiles are fire resistant, stain and scratch resistant, they are easy to clean and now we have the benefit of tiles and the look of hardwood floors.

If you are a do-it-yourself person, watch a lot of HGTV or have a friend that can help than there's no reason to hire someone to do this. I can't wait to do the kitchen this year!