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This Is A Review On The Book Interview With The Vampire

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Tanya Taylor By Tanya Taylor on
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Interview with the vampire was written by Anne Rice, she is one of my favorite authors because of the way she writes. Inside this book, it is about a vampire Lestat who turns this plantation owner into a vampire like himself, the plantation owner's name was Louie. However Louie is still suffering from his past, he seems to be more human than vampire and refuses to drink human blood.

Louie is hungry and since he refuses to drink human blood, he has taken to drinking rat and chickens blood. Feeling lonely, he wanders out into the street further along in the book and ends up finding a young girl called Claudia, her mother died of the plauge and Louie ends up biting her, feeling guilty he runs and hides, Lestat takes the girl and converts her into a vampire as a companion for Louie, this way he won't be lonely anymore. Claudia is finally realizing she will never grow up to be a woman, and so starts killing one, and eventually finds one to turn into a vampire for a mother to Claudia and Louie.

Other vampires soon find out that there is a child vampire, and they think it is against vampire codes, eventually Claudia and her vampire mother are taken and then put into a room where sunlight is allowed in and they burn to death, once more Louie is sad. Throughout the book Lestat was burned, placed in a swamp and eventually found again after all of that, and survived each event.