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This Is How A Blender Is Supposed To Work! Oster

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I have been wanting a new blender for a while. The reason being is that my Hamilton Beach plastic blender is pretty much on its way out… It doesn’t blend well anymore and when I put too much ice in the base gets so overworked I can smell the scent of burning rubber… I don’t think it is supposed to work like that. ;-)

I spotted an Oster 16 Speed Blender with a glass jar a couple of months ago at Bjs. I looked at it from a far but figured I could wait… then a couple of days ago I noticed that there were only 3 left. Bjs being what it is, does not necessarily get more in when something sells out… So I had to take a closer look.

What I found is that this blender has an all metal drive! I looked at it and was quite impressed. I had not seen one that looked so heavy duty. In fact there were several blender display models and even those more than double the price had really cheap looking drives. I scanned in all of the pictures on the box. Hopefully you can get a halfway decent look at the one that shows the drive.

I was also impressed with the glass jar. It is quite heavy and thick. Plastic blender jars tend to scratch pretty easily. My Hamilton Beach is a nice shade of scratch at this point…. I would be hard pressed to find a place on it that is not scratched so having a nice clear jar will be nice for a change.

As soon as I got home I tore into that box, washed out the blender and noticed how cool the top was… The top is really flexible, like rubber or neoprene, which makes for a nice fit. There is a hole in the center with a plastic cap that can be removed to add ingredients while blending. The cap is long enough that it fits in nicely, but also removes really smoothly and easily.

Next I pulled out my Big Train sugar free latte mix and necessary ingredients, including lots of ice, to give this baby a test drive…

Oh my!

Firstly the Oster blender is not as loud as the Hamilton Beach that I had. It is a blender so it isn’t exactly quiet, but it doesn’t reverberate through the house like a wounded dinosaur either.

Secondly, where did the ice go? Those blades cut through that ice so effortlessly and without all of the extra clunking noise of a cube or two rattling around that I could not believe that my “shake” was done. When I checked, it was done… done almost before I got started. Oh, I could get used to this!

Thirdly, the pour…. My shake actually poured into my glass… it did not run down the side… it did not pour in one big glop while the rest remained stuck at the bottom… but it poured out smoothly and easily. NICE!

The only thing that I do not like is that while there are measurement marks for cups and liters, the marks are not broken down further into ounces. While I can guesstimate easily enough (I cannot see dirtying another device to get measurements that exact for most things) I was used to having the markings on my old Hamilton Beach blender.

Further information that I found out is that this blender is so powerful that it can crush ice without water, grind coffee beans and even nuts!

I am soooo happy that I bought this blender!

1 year limited warranty.

Made in Mexico of US and foreign components.