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This Is How A Sequel Should Be Made.

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Kevin Roman By Kevin Roman on
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This game overshadows the second game in the series because it adds on a lot of things and fixes some problems the 2nd game had. Castle of Shikigami 3 has a dramatic mode, which lets you have the dialogue from the 2 player experience, but needing only 1 player (the 2 characters you choose share life and you can swap between characters at any time). You also have a hi-tension max which lets you fire stronger bullets as if the tension bonus system was activated. The tension bonus system lets you "ride" bullets so that your shots overdose in size while you are near those bullets.You can play as 10 characters in which the Time Gal Reika cameos. The bad English is fixed and the fun dialogue of the characters encourage you to replay this bullet hell shoot 'em up (5 levels, about a half hour long). The characters have bombs, a special shikigami attack, and that hi-tension max that I mentioned. The game controls well with the Nunchuck's analog for movement although you can also use a Gamecube controller and the Classic Controller for the Wii.There are multiple difficulty modes for anyone to play and it still represents a challenge. You also get an additional credit to continue after every hour of gameplay you have. A nice minor change to note is that they tell you the percentage of how your life bars and bombs recharge.Definitely try this game out because the replay value is phenomenal and it is a lot of fun to frantically dodge bullets and see your shots become supersized. I think the explosions look better and the music is pretty good too.