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This Movie Was A National Treasure!!!!

Reviewing: Buena Vista Home Entertainment National Treasure 2 Book Of Secrets  |  Rating:
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This is definatly a most see movie because it is so exciting and also full of entertainment. If you did not see National Treasure one and National Treasure two you guys should be extremely disapointed at yourselves because this is one of the best action movies that I have seen these past three years. Ok I am blabbing how great this movie is so let me tell you what I like about this movie. The first thing is the acting, the actors were spectacular especially Nicolas Cage, I really thought that he was a great treasure hunter, and really fits well in this film. The next thing that I really enjoyed about this movie is the spectacular sound effects, and if you have a home theater system you will see what I mean because you will get completely blown away by the sound.

The next thing that I enjoyed about this movie is the great settings were the movie took place, the settings were great because they really meshed into this movie and they made this movie much more interesting. The other thing that was great is the great secrets that they shared that could be real like the Presidents secret book, and other interesting fact. The final thing that was great is the extras that this DVD provided like deleted scenes bloopers and etc.

Overall this movie is just spectacular, and it really makes people appreciate history, because this movie makes it exciting, so I definatly recommend this movie to everyone out there.