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This Phone Talks!

Reviewing: Nokia 1110  |  Rating:
lordofdarkness66 By lordofdarkness66 on
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Screen: 96x95 Monochrome

Network: GSM 850/900/1800

Tunes: Polyphonic, Nokia Mono Tunes

Images: Black and White Monochrome Images

Memory: N/A

Internet: N/A

The first time I saw this phone, i didnt see any difference with it and my Nokia 1100. However, on closer inspection I found out that the phone has a slightly different shape and is a little bit thicker. Although in the weight department, it is almost the same as the 1100. The keypad of this phone is more stylish and is definately more appealing to my opinion. Next came the display. The background was black, the text was white and the illuminating lights were yellow. Now I really liked the whole inverted color concept but the backlight color didnt suit it. A white backlight color would've been better. When browsing the menu, the submenu icons actually slide. This is much better than the boring old sudden appearance style in other black and white phones. The phone plays polyphonic tunes, which is something new for a monochrome phone. And the quality of the tunes played is amazing. Much better than any of the later more advanced s40 phones. Probably it is due to the speaker that is used for the speaking alarm feature of this phone. The alarm is not the usual beep-beep sound of other phones but is actually the voice of a real person speaking. Now how cool is that? Overall this phone is a great, much more feature packed phone than the 1100. I'd recommend it as a great spare phone or a phone if you're just going to use it to call and text and want some fancy features to play with.