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This Waterless Hand Sanitizer Does Work!

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About a month ago, I was blessed with a very bad cold that lasted a few weeks and with the scare of the swine flu going around, I was constantly warned by one of my co-workers to wash my hands every time I sneezed, coughed, or blew my nose. It's really hard to get up every 2-3 minutes when you are sitting at a desk job, answering phones so I decided I would make her happy and pick up some hand sanitizer and cold medicine to stop the coughing while I was at the store. After looking around, I decided to get the store brand Kroger's waterless hand sanitizer because I figured it would work the same as the name brand, was cheaper by about one dollar, and it came in the trial size which made it convienient to keep on my desk.

I really like this product a lot. Its not oily or greasy and dries pretty quickly. It also goes a long way. One little trial size 2 fluid ounce bottle has lasted me about 3 weeks. All you do is flip the white lid, tip the bottle, squeeze about a dime size on the palm of your hand, and then rub them together. The sanitizer dries within about five to ten seconds. There is no reidue left over from the product. The only downfall is that my hands get really dry after using it but this goes for most sanitizers that I have used in the past. I will buy this product again and I will also make sure I let everyone I know that you don't have to pay a higher price for this product when you just use the store brand

After doing some research on this product, I found something interesting, something that I never even thought of. This hand sanitizer (amongst others) can be used as a fire starter. Just put 3-4 drops on a cotton swab and place in your fire. For someone who hikes or camps a lot, this would be and handy. It's easy and convienent and it doesn't take up much room. I just thought that was an interesting fact about these hand sanitizers!

Kroger has Ethyl Alchohol, 62 Percent Antiseptic. It is also extremly flammable. Keep this product out of eyes and mouth and advoid contact with broken skin. This Kroger hand sanitizer, like all sanitizers must be kept away from children!

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