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This Wheelchair Will Keep You Mobile

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Recently my husband was in an accident that put him off his feet and required him to be in a wheelchair. My husband's ankle, big toe, and clavicle were all broken and required surgery. This left him unable to walk or use crutches. The doctor prescribed a Drive Pollywog Transport Wheelchair. This wheelchair is not only great for him; it is great for me.

At first, I thought this would be undoable the way our home is designed. We have tight doorways and halls plus many inaccessible steps. If we plan to live here forever, these issues will have to be addressed in the future.

The Pollywog transport wheelchair is seemingly made for homes like ours. The first fantastic feature is the large 24-inch rear wheels are completely removable with the push of a button and a tug. Removing the large wheels turns the wheelchair into a transport chair like those you would find in a nursing home or hospital. This makes the chair extremely narrow allowing it to fit through our interior doors.

Second, the chair is very lightweight. It is only 29 pounds as a wheelchair and 24.5 pounds as a transport chair. I could easily fold and lift the chair into our truck to get him to doctor appointments or out for a change of scenery.

Third, the footrests are removable and interchangeable. The doctor decided he wanted my husband's injured ankle to be on a raised footrest. The raised footrest is not practical for all trips, so we could easily trade it for the standard footrest or remove it entirely.

Fourth, the armrests can be removed for easy transfers to the couch, bed, or shower. This was perfect because it is easier to slide than stand, when you cannot stand.

Fifth, the backrest can be folded down. We have a truck so this was not a huge issue for us. However, for those with small cargo space, the chair folds down nice and compact. This feature is also useful for trips to get your hair done. You fold the backrest down and lean back into the washbowl while seated in your wheelchair. With this feature, there is no need to transfer into the salon chair.

The Pollywog has nice tight brakes so you do not have to worry about it rolling away from you. Where we live, I could really appreciate this feature because I did not feel like running down hills chasing the chair.

This wheelchair also has nice wheelie bar wheels for tilting. If you have to tilt it back, you do not have to worry about losing control and dropping your loved one on their back.

The only complaint my husband had with this chair was it is not very comfortable for long sitting sessions. Well, what wheelchair is when you are used to being active? We also had issues with some of the decorative caps popping off. Other than aesthetics, these have nothing to do with mobility, transport, or function. For these two issues, I knocked a point off on my overall rating.

The rental for this chair was $75 per month, which we hope the insurance will cover a portion. I found online the Pollywog Transport Wheelchair could be purchased for between $300 and $400 depending upon the seat size you select.

If you need a temporary wheelchair, I recommend looking at the Pollywog. For the long-term wheelchair user, I do not see this chair as a permanent solution.