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Those Jeans That The Celebrities Wear.

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By shannighan on
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Now when I first heard about these jeans, I thought that they would be only for women. One day about a year and a half ago I was looking though one of those “celebrity trash talk” magazines and it was a picture of Tom Cruise and his wife outside some L.A. restaurant and there he was, Wearing 7’s. So I went to a local premium clothing store and they had a whole bunch of them in stock.

Lets start with fit.

I was surprised, the had every shape and size. I was especially delighted to see that they had a pair of jeans that fit me! I usually went to those mall stores like Hollister, American Eagle, Abercrombie, etc. But none of them ever had jeans that fit me since I’m so tall and skinny. 7 for all mankind had many models in 29x 34 so it fit perfect. The length was especially important, most models come in (I believe) 30, 32, and 34” inseams. They also fit very good around the waist, this is the first time in almost 5 years that I can wear jeans without a belt.


Now unlike those mall stores, the quality of denim is excellent. Most have a very soft feel to them (depends on the wash, all feel soft but more then others), both inside and outside of the denim. The only downside is that they (according to the sales associates) fade faster than other jeans. My first pair which is almost 1 year old now still are in very good condition but have seemed to loosen up a little bit. Also many models of the jeans come with a light pre- distress that will gradually increase over washing.


7’s come in so many different washes, I have 3 pairs of New York (2 Dark (one “A” pocket, one with the 7 for all mankind “squiggle”, one light pair), one pair of nolita, and one Caribbean. There are so many more to choose from. Also I don’t have many friends that wear 7’s but I’ve looked through stores and each pair does have unique qualities to them.

Overall Quality:

Now I don’t know how important this is to other people but 7’s are made in the USA! It makes me feel better that I’m paying more for something that is actually made here, not in a third world country. The jeans are very well built, I haven’t had any problems with them but the store that I buy them from has a full time tailor so if anything was to happen to them I could take them to them and they will repair them for me.


Now even though these jeans are a little bit more expensive, its well worth it. These are the kinds of jeans you can wear to a semi- formal party (just throw on a blazer and a nice shirt and your good to go) and you won’t be looked down upon. The denim and quality is great and they fit perfect (for me anyway). The only real downsize is the price (you can usually find really great sales on the web, the cheapest pair I have was $154). I would suggest 7 for all mankind to anybody.