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Reviewing: Virginia Baker Jack Knife  |  Rating:
By lynnemg on
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Jack Knife is a thriller written by an author by the name of Virginia Baker. AS a first published novel, she did a pretty good job at capturing her characters personalities and getting the reader to understand those characters as she wanted them portrayed.

The novel is about time travel and how a simple change in history, or a major change in history can impact the world as we all know it today.A time machine, or time portal as it is called in this novel is used by a man with ill intentions. His goal is to re-create the murders of Jack the Ripper and use those murders to gain power through the press.

Two people are sent back in time to find this man and take him back to the time in which he belongs before he does damage to the world as we all know it. They have no idea exactly what they will be facing, nor how their own presence in the past may impact the future. Their job is to find the man they are sent to find, try to fix anything that he may have changed, and take him back to the future.

The story takes us on a thrilling journey into the past and gives us a look at the terrible crimes of Jack the Ripper. It also gives the reader an idea of what really could happen had anything i n history not been as it was.

In my opinion, this author did a very good job at being descriptive enough to allow the reader to actually visualize the people and places that she describes. Her writing is descriptive, yet clean. She describes the crimes vividly enough that the reader can picture them, but does notoverdo it to the point of complete gore.

I would recommend this boook to those who enjoy thrillers, especially those that are fictional, but are written around true crimes.