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Thriving On The Stupidity In The 21st Century: Adam Scotts

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THE DILBERT FUTURE is a mind boggling blend of farce and fact. Adam Scotts has covered a wide arena as always from workplace intricacies to pets. All through he has narrated in an apparently funny but insightful look into human nature which essentially remains unchanged. The predictions are as funny as scary and at times it required several reading to realize how scary it is! The 250 page read was never monotonous. Each prediction unfolded something new, something really interesting. He has excelled yet again to bring out the hilarity and wonder of the readers.

Here are some of his predictions:

In future it will be:

Your clothes will be smarter than you.

Authors will take a long time to get to the point. That way the book looks thicker.

There will be a huge market for technology products that help workers goof off and still get paid.

There will be a huge increase in the number of household services to compensate for the pathetic incompetence of the average person.

Most democratic countries will be led by tall people with good hair and smart staff members.

All work will be outsourced until all the work on the planet I being done by one guy.

The most important career skill will be a lack of ethics

More people will actively ignore the news because it is irrelevant.

Everyone will be a news reporter.

Two things will never improve in the future are airlines and bicycle seats.

Lastly, even with Disclaimers of Originality, he has left his usual hilarity streak. I have loved every bit of it and I am you will as well.

Happy reading!!

Update On Jun 07, 2010: I never seem to get tired of Dilbert Future prediction. Whenever I have a chance I flip through the pages ranomly and discover the predictions in newer lights. Some catch lines have gone beyond just words and have already hit the cynical society hard. It's just a matter of time that the things start to shape just like it's been stated. Amazing word play, amazing predictions, amazing humor!