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Thumbs Up, Flip Flops!

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For what it is worth, I would never buy a pair of Havainas. For me, they are ridiculously expensive for a pair of rubber slippers. Sure, they come in different designs, but whatever. That was before.

Then I got a free pair when I entered a contest and was one of the early registrants. I liked it because the straps are slim and the slippers were flat--perfect for casual get ups. And what the heck, it was free. The color was gold, so it matched many of my outfits. Perfect, I thought, I got a free pair worth around $20.

But then several months after I got the pair, I learned that I was pregnant! Since I do not work in an office I was not forced to wear shoes. So my Havaianas were with me almost everyday until I gave birth...no, correction, up until now. All in all, my pair is with me for maybe 2.5 years! And I don't wear it just to go out, I wear it almost everyday around the house.

When I got pregnant, I gained about 40 lbs so imagine its toll on the slippers because of the added weight and wear and tear. But no, not with my Havaianas. I never really noticed it until after I gave birth. I looked at my pair and the rubber never snagged. The surface is still level, just like it was new. Well, it is a little dirty now and just needs cleaning, but the rubber is still intact.

And the design, too, is still there, it did not fade.

But the most important thing is, it doesn't hurt my feet. You see, my feet are very picky. Even if it is the softest shoes, I would get burned easily, especially with rubber. But not with Havainas.

So whatever it is worth, this line of flip flops is truly a good buy. I guess I can say, I am a Havaianas convert.