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Thumbtanic Dvd

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Thumbtanic. The biggest and best ship ever to sail the ocean. Or so they thought, until they hit an iceberg. This is the story of that ship. And the story of two young lovers, Jake and Geranium, as they struggle to overcome the odds and make it out of the horrible situation they've found themselves in.

This filmette is even better than Steve Oederk's previous effort Thumb Wars, and I think it has to do with the vast amount of characters. Being on a ship, there are so many thumbs on board with so many different amusing expressions on their faces. You'll find yourself watching it over and over again just to check out all of the different faces. Personally, I'm a big fan of the ship designer and his creepy attitude.

If you're buying this DVD for special features, don't. The only thing you'll find is an audio commentary by Steve Oedekerk (though it is quite interesting seeing how the film was put together) as well as some storyboards, plus trailers for past and future Thumb Movies.