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Tidy Cats Cat Litter Hides The Stink Of Kitty

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demon_buttercup By demon_buttercup on
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Ok, I'll say it right off, I'm really not a cat person, I'm a dog person. I've had dogs my whole life, but never a feline. That all changed 12 years ago when my husband brought my then 3 year old daughter home a tortoise shell kitty which is now named Princess Meow Meow. I, the head shopper of the house, had no idea about cat products. I tried several brands of litter and it probably took until kitty was 2 before we finally settled on the Tidy Cats Multiple Cats Clay Litter.

I'm not a fan of the clump and scoop kitty litters. I really don't like the idea of playing 'sandbox' with kitty box, so I really like this regular litter that doesn't clump. We only have one kitty and we buy Tidy Cats by the 10 pound bag, we change the box about every 2 weeks just by dumping the old one and pouring in a new 10 pound bag of Tidy Cats.

I like that it doesn't produce a huge dust cloud when it is put in the box or when kitty uses it. It has a nice fresh scent that is not overpowering when the litter is new. I also have never smelled any type of litter box odor while using Tidy Cats. However, I will admit, my little kitty just isn't very stinky. My mom has a big kitty that can stink up her box pretty well and Tidy Cats litter is all that my mom will use also, as it is the only thing that helps cover up the odor of her big cat.

I really like the price of this brand also and there are frequently $1.00 off coupons in the Sunday paper. My overall cat litter expense is usually just .89 every 2 weeks. I would pay much more than that to cover up the litter box smell and make kitty happy, but I just don't need to. For that, I say thank you Tidy Cats, you've made this dog lover just a little more of a cat person!