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Tidy Cats Makes For Any Easy Clean Up

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ashton By ashton on
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I have 5 cats and 3 of which stay inside at all times. That equals a lot of litter and a lot of odor potential. That is why I trust Tidy Cats to keep odor to a minimum and minimize effort on my part for cleaning out the litter box. Tidy Cats litter clumps very well which means that it is much easier to clean up. When you scoop up the litter it doesn't fall apart in the scoop it stays in a nice solid clump so you can get the entire clump in one scoop! It also has these little crystals in it that keep the odor away. I rarely smell the litter box unless I forget to clean it. Tidy Cats litter gets the job done and immediately gets to work! I would never use another brand of cat litter after using Tidy Cats. Before I found it, I would have to put baking soda over the litter to try to keep the odor away and that was a huge pain the neck! It would also be so difficult to clean up that it would leave me frustrated and angry. Not anymore! Now I know that I will have an easy odor-free clean up!