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Tiger Woods Pga Tour '08

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By sandwichbender on
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Before I say anything, I feel I should get this out of the way. Tiger Woods PGA Tour '08 is going to appeal to fans of golf; those who are not fans or maybe even hate the sport aren't going to find anything here that will change their mind.

However, for those fans of the sport, Tiger '08 presents an absolutely unparalleled experience. From the amazing visuals to the fun and intuitive swing stick, this is an awesome package.

For those new to the series, let me explain. The swing stick is the right joystick and you move it as you would move your golf club. Pull it down for your back swing and then shoot it forward to follow through and send that ball flying. It works very well and adds a new layer of realism to the genre. I was blown away by how much better the game was when compared to golf games that only require you to click buttons. After a while, I got used to just how much pressure was needed for each shot, so I was making some pretty amazing plays.

On top of the great gameplay, there are plenty of modes, from a single play career to numerous Tiger challenges. Any fan of the sport should have this in his or her collection. The game has been keeping me busy for months now and when I have friends over, it's something we always play.