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Tiki Ceramic Fire Pot

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By niteflytes on
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Fire pots are a popular item this spring and the small Tiki ceramic fire-pot takes a trusted brand of outdoor decor, lighting and pest control to a new level. I live in an apartment and wanted some natural outdoor lighting that would also help control the mosquitoes. I decided on a Tiki fire-pot because of the size, the low price and the appealing aesthetics of the glazed, ceramic pot.

The Tiki fire-pot is in an open sided box so you can easily choose the colors and pattern of your fire-pot. It appeared that all of their fire pots are in earth tones of browns, beiges and reddish hues. It's about 5 inches high and 3.5 inches in diameter. It comes with a stainless steel cup that sits in the center of the fire-pot and holds about a cup of gel fuel, and stainless steel lid to snuff out the fire. Tiki sells two types of gel fuel for their fire pots; regular and citronella. I purchased the citronella fuel.

The box was easy to open and I had my fire-pot ready to use in less than 5 minutes. The instructions were short and simple and contained a multitude of warnings. The bottle of gel fuel was also easy to open and the inner seal is easy to pull off. The instructions say to use a long-nosed lighter, such as a grill lighter, and it's important to do so because the gel lights instantly and the flame flares up so you don't want your fingers over the pot.

I let the pot burn for about half an hour. I'm estimating that it should burn for 1.5 to 2 hours without needing a refill. The citronella gel seemed to keep the mosquitoes away from the immediate area around the pot which made my time on the patio pleasant and comfortable. The flame in the fire-pot created a relaxing, romantic mood for my outdoor seating area. The fire-pot is small enough that I felt at ease with the open flame on the table beside my chair.

After burning for half an hour the ceramic pot was extremely hot to the touch. I had some concerns about leaving the pot on my patio because I didn't want the lid to come off and the gel fuel to spill or become a poisoning hazard to the birds and squirrels. My solution was to put a small rock on the lid to keep it in place.

I would recommend this fire-pot for anyone who wants to create a relaxing or romantic mood on their patio. The citronella gel fuel was effective in repelling mosquitoes and the small size of the pot made it feel safe enough to sit next to while burning. I would not recommend using this or any other fire-pot around young children or pets. The flame is considerably larger than a candle flame, the gel fuel is toxic, the fire-pot and the fuel become extremely hot during use and the pot remains hot for 10 to 15 minutes after putting the fire out. I would also recommend being cautious of the open flame. Never leave the fire-pot unattended while burning and never use it indoors.