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Tiki Idol Bar Or Garden Statue

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A couple of years ago Target came out with an entire line of tiki inspired outdoor furniture and decor as part of their summer series. Two of the items my husband fell in love with was the tiki bar and the collection of 3 resin tiki statues. I loved the bar and agreed the statues were interesting but we had no room outside anywhere for the bar and I had no idea what I would do with one 3 foot tiki idol, let alone 3 of them.

Through out the summer season he had to go to the patio area of Target every time we were there and look again at the bar and the statues. As fall approached, the bar and most of the other outdoor decor sold out but the tiki statues remained. He told me as soon as they were marked down cheap enough, he was getting some of them.

Not long after, he came home with a friend. Target had finally marked the statues down to $9.99 he was able to get one of them. He was a little disappointed that he was only able to get one of the 3 styles but at least he had one. He took him and proudly displayed him in our living room until we figured out a good place to put him outside. Well it's been over two years now and he is still there. We have grown so attached to him and never came up with a good outdoor location so we incorporated him into out already eclectic decor. He is very sturdy and well made and has great detail that makes him look like he was actually carved from wood. We have even taken to decorating him for holidays and special occasions. For my daughter recent tropical birthday, he was a central part of the decor and the girls thought he was the bomb.

One day our tiki idol may actually find a home outside but for now he is inside and part our family.