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Time To Bling Your Ring

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This was a total impulse purchase but the DecalGirl Skin Kits claim to add an Airbrushed look to almost any cell phone and the kiosk we stopped at in the mall had oodles of different designs to suit practically everyone's personal taste no matter how subtle or outrageous it might be. I'm a dragon lover and well...stick a dragon in front of me and you'll almost be guaranteed to get my attention and open my wallet!

The images included with this review simply don't do these skin kits justice, particularly the dragon skin on the Blackberry as the screen includes a background which you can download once you've applied your skin kit that matches it perfectly and completes the entire look beautifully.

The idea behind the skins is that your phone's surface will be protected from smudges, scratches and the like and the vinyl seems just thick enough that it will remain adhered quite well and unless you are very rough with your phone, should last for some time.

Application - flawless, almost

These skins are relatively easy to apply to your phone. The Skins are made from thin vinyl that appears to be quite durable. The side that sticks to the phone is pre-glued and has a snake skin style pattern and the portion of the skin that is the image that you see on the phone is glossy and smooth. The adhesion appears to be quite solid and once the skin is applied and smoothed down, the phones look as though this is how they came. The skins are adhered with a type of adhesive that makes removing them and applying a new skin simple and the company claims no sticky tell tale residue is left behind once you've removed the skin. By all indications, their claim holds up.

The skin for the Blackberry Bold 9000 which also fits Blackberry Pearl, Pearl Flip, Curve, World and Storm is called "Abolisher" and fits my phone perfectly. The application of this skin was a little trickier to complete around the screen's edge because there is less than a 1/4" frame, but the skin fit perfectly and went on smoothly with no problems and no bubbles. The skin for the HTC Dream G1 White phone, which is called "Zebra", fits fine everywhere except for the fact that the White HTC Dream has a different style of buttons which are more rectangular than round. This skin is for the Black HTC Dream which comes with round buttons, but applicaton of the skin for this phone was still extremely simple to do. My daughter indicates that the slight difference in button shapes isn't terribly noticeable and doesn't impede use of the buttons at all.

Variety's the game

A large variety of skins are available for numeorus cell phone makes and models as well as for IPods, IPhone, XBox, PSP's to DS's, Wii's and I believe they even have Kindle skins! The skins we purchased were $17.99 each but if you bought two or more you got a 10% discount which in my case amounted to about $3.40 off one skin. They also had laptop skins for $34.00.

Care to get your own?

If you are into making a statement with your phone and want to jazz it up you can choose from many styles that run the gamut from very subtle geometric and floral patterns to the more funky and colorful swirls, wisps, animal prints, cityscapes and much more. Rather than trying to hunt down a mall kiosk, you can simply visit decalgirl.com to check out the numerous skins they offer. I noticed they are actually looking for artists...hmmm, wouldn't that be cool! Ooops, ok, finishing the review!

A totally frivolous purchase to say the least but one that really adds character to the phones and is sure to have people asking if they can take a look. The skins mesh with the phones so well that you have to look pretty close to see that all they are, are sturdy vinyl decals and the fact that your phone's background matches the overall design you've chosen so perfectly makes this one nifty little conversation starter no matter where you go. Now, I'm considering pimping my Laptop :) DecalGirl look what you've started!

**The images decided to arrange themselves even though I uploaded all HTC Dream then all Blackberry...not sure why that happened**

Update On Feb 27, 2010: When my daughter decided to sell her phone removing the zebra skin was a simple matter of just taking it off. There was no residue or sticky glue left behind. It was as though the phone had never had anything on it. The skin if treated carefully could easily be placed onto another phone. We have a black HTC and if her dad had wanted to dress up his phone, he would have been able to. Unfortunately, her dad isn't all that fancy when it comes to his cell and he preferred to leave the "bling your ring" antics to my daughter and myself. A decent product for the price that is fairly tough but easy to use and remove.