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Time To Go Old School With The Bic Cristal

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First off, this is the classic pen from BIC, not a modern-like pen for which you'd see in places such as Staples that looks "wicked" or anything, so don't let the word "Cristal" fool you or even lead you to start going towards extreme measures in things such as hard labor, fundraising or whatnot just because you think "such a pen with a name will most likely cost that much, and with a name like that, it's bound to be the pen TO have".

You can pretty much find these pens everywhere you'll go, from schools to the bank. I've used these when I was younger, and to this day I still happen to do so whenever other pens run out and whoop, there you go, there's that BIC pen that I was smart enough to keep in handy - the fluid contained inside will take such a long time to be emptied out, and that is NEVER a bad thing. And speaking of which, the crystal clear color comes to an advantage - that of course being the fact that one will be aware of how much ink's left in the tank.

The only thing that you might find hasslely-like will most likely be the comfort factor of these - but as the name suggests, these are the classic kinds, more specifically the ones that were put out in stores years and years ago. However, these happen to write wonderfully, so no worries there and best of all, these go for a very cheap price! At $2.29 for a pack of a dozen (in addition, you may also find these for cheaper), if you think about it, there's really nothing to lose!