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Time Warner Digital Phones

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By linda amstutz on
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I saw the commercials for Time Warner Digital Phones and was taken with the idea of a single phone bill, every month, for all the long distance (including Canada and Puerto Rico) calls I could make and for local phone service as well. Also included in the $39.99 monthly fee (plus taxes, of course!) is Call Waiting, Call Forwarding and Caller ID. I not only love the Caller ID, I love that if I happen to be watching television (also brought to me by Time Warner) the Caller ID flashes up on my tv screen. This came in real handy when all the political candidates started calling last month. No need to even walk to the telephone, I can sit right there in front of the tv and screen my calls. Sweet!

I bought it. I called Time Warner and said, Let me have it. They came out to the house, traded my little black cable modem for a different little black cable modem, and that was it. I now have digital phones. On all my home homes. And no one can tell the difference.

I worried about the fact that if my cable goes out, so do my phones. But then I also have a cell phone, so I have a back-up plan. And there was some talk about 9-1-1 difficulties, but I think they have worked that out. I think at first the 9-1-1 system could not locate where a call came from. I think they can now. But to be sure, if I call 9-1-1-, I will surely tell them where I am at. I also worried about the reception. No problems there. I can hear loud and clear. And I recently called U.K. and there was no problem with international reception, either.

I'm happy with my digital phones. I can call all the kids as much as I want, as often as I want, for any ole reason I want, talk as long as I want, and not pay any extra bills. I'm not so sure how the kids feel about this new development!