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Time Warner Hddvr Works For Me

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Becky Knouff By Becky Knouff on
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Today, the big thing is TIVO. If you can afford it, it is probably the way to go. for my family's purposes, Time Warner's DVR serves our needs.

Maybe it is just because I am so use to Time Warner and have had such good service from them that I am happy with the DVR. I know this is not the case for many people.

I just know that the few people around here which do have TIVO wait for a service tech a whole lot longer then I do. The service techs from Time Warner are here the next day.

I guess maybe I am lucky to have had such good service from Time Warner, but I will say it has been great.

Features of the Time Warner HD/DVR

* It has the HD service built into it.

* A tech is available to help with issues 24 hours a day for issues which can be fixed or handled with out a tech making a service call. When a tech is needed to make a service call, the tech is prompt. Usually, the next day after the call is placed, I see the tech at my door.

* Fees are reasonable and no equipment has to be purchased.

* The guide is easy for me to navigate. Maybe this is because I am use to it, but I do know that other people have had issues with it.

* We can record two shows at once. Yes, we have to watch one of them, but that has never been a problem for me. I am usually always working and only watch bits and pieces of shows anyway. At least, I can do this and always return to where I left off.

* We can pause any show or movie and return to it later. We can fast forward and rewind what has already been saved to avoid commercials when we return to the show.

* We can save 80 hours of regular programing and 35 hours of HD programing. I know many would say this isn't much, but it certainly serves our purposes. We can always delete those less important recordings to make room for more.

* The remote is programed to operate both the TV and DVR so it is easy to operate both.

* The remote is easy for us to operate and to program. The buttons are easy to see and are clearly marked as to what they do and the function the operate. It comes with easy to follow instructions which list all the features and how to use them. We have never had difficulty getting our remote to do what we want it to do.

* There are parental controls so parents can monitor and control the types of shows their children are watching.

I guess the drawbacks would be that it could have more space to save recordings, more options on the guide, and more recording features, like multiple channel recording capability without having to watch one.

These minimal drawbacks are nothing which we can't deal with. We have experienced many hours of enjoyment from this Time Warner HD/DVR. The enjoyment we have gained from it is worth the cost.

I would recommend this DVR to anyone who is not ready to commit to TIVO just yet. Check out Time Warner to see if this and other services are available in your area.