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Tingle Tingle!!

Reviewing: Tiger Balm Pain Relieving Ointment  |  Rating:
strawberryshortcake By strawberryshortcake on
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This reviews title is called Tingle Tingle for a reason, Tiger Balm makes you get all tingly as soon as it is applied, even before it is fully absorbed, it starts to work THAT fast! I have EXTREMELY SEVERE arthritis in my legs, knees and feet, I'm young but it's still pretty bad, my 98 year old Grandma can out walk me when my arthritis hits! I have tried everything except for Glucosamine I think it is called and another product in a black box with a Native American man on the cover, I really wish I could remember the name, but trust me It will be the next thing I will be trying and I will review that aswell.

My mom knows how bad my arthritis is and she gets pretty bad migraine headaches and uses Tiger Balm behind her ears, back of the neck and when she can handle it, on her temples, she swears by this stuff for her migraine pain relief, so she thought she would buy me a jar to try on my arthritic lower half since I have tried everything almost. I really like this balmy thick vasaline/Vicks texture pain relief product better than the Peracare Ice gel I have also tried and reviewed.

Tiger Balm is very thick and at first greasy feeling like Vasaline or Vicks but once rubbed in (and it feels soooo good when you rub it into your pained areas) it's not too bad, it soaks up but there is still that heavy thick product feeling, which did not bother me at all because I applied it at bedtime. The tingly sensation lasts a very long time, and gave me the chills, it seems to be very cooling, I needed to get a light blanket to cover up with while reading on the couch!

This balm actually felt like it was drawing out the pain, and as I was rubbing it in it made everything feel so much better instantly. And will give a tingly warming but cooling sensation at the same time, kind of a burning tingle I guess, but it doesn't hurt or irritate at all.

I applied at bedtime, and usually I can't sleep if i'm in pain, but I slept soooooooooo good ALLNIGHT! When the arthritis hits, I get restless leg syndrome, i'm in so much pain no position stays comfortable, but lastnight I slept like a baby! Also, my skin feels alot softer in the areas I applied this balm to, I don't know if it has moisturizing properties in it, my mom just gave me the jar not the box. And this kept me pain free all day at work today while on my feet.

I will be purchasing this for sure without a doubt for those times when I am in serious pain that is keeping me up all night!

The major downfall is the stink, I said in my Ice Gel review that that stuff stinks, but this is waaay stronger, great for a plugged nose!Definately a product to be applied at night, and maybe sleep in a room alone if your partner cannot handle the strong Vicks scent. But who cares how it stinks, it works I promise!