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Tired Of Rough, Scratchy Feet?

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Unfortunately for me, I am one of those who struggle constantly with dry, crackly feet that feel scratchy & rough and I hate it. I have spent countless dollars on sanders, creams, foot baths, you name it to help keep my heels nice & silky smooth. But nothing works for any real length time and this is one of those products.

The ped egg is a new product and I had seen it a few times before, but since I had a coupon, I decided to give it a shot. It looked easy to use and like it might be pretty effective. I liked that it had a lot of files on it so that I could cover a larger area of my heel at once, but that they weren't rough & wouldn't cut me. I thought it was neat also that there was an included emory buffing pad that was attached right to it and my most favorite thing was that it had a compartment to catch the shavings. Usually when I use a regular sander/shaver on my feet, I have to get the vacuum to get up the shavings from the floor.

After getting it out of it's packaging, it was pretty easy to put together and using it wasn't difficult. After a little while of filing my foot, using the emory sanding board and then applying my lotion, my feet really did feel pretty nice (for a little while anyway). Within a day or so, my heels had already gotten dry & crackly again.

So, the good things about the ped egg is that it's small and pretty easy to use. It does do a good short-term job. The bad thing about it is that $9.99 does seem kinda expensive to me at least. Also, unless you file your foot with the microfiles almost facing straight up, shavings from your foot still fall to the floor rather than getting completely trapped inside the ped egg, so you still end up having to clean up a mess. Also, unless you use it every day, it will not be nearly as effective as they say it will.