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Tivo Is The Best!

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Mia Blaisdell By Mia Blaisdell on
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If you haven't tried it yet, you really don't know what you are missing! The first time I saw Tivo on sale was at Best Buy and at the time didn't think there was much it had to offer, except for draining my bank account each month for the subscription service fee. But, I was soooo wrong!

Later on I saw a few tv promos that the tivo company offered for a free 40 hour series 2 tivo with a 1 year contract, so I decided why not? My partner was always missing her favorite shows because of work hours, and I could never keep track of what shows came on when and I'd miss episodes. So I bought it for her for Christmas and it was well worth it and we both love it. Right now the service fee I have is $12.95 a month w/ a 3 year contract, which isn't really that expensive.

Recently the Tivo company has been having special offers here and ther for their newer series which offer HD and more recording time for around the $500.00 to $600.00 range that includes a free lifetime service subscription, so even though the initial cost is a lot higher, it pays off in the long run because of the free service. So if you are looking to buy, I suggest you keep a eye out for that offer and buy then... I plan to in the very near future!

All the features it has is well worth it. We both actually see more of the shows we love because not only can we record it and watch it when we want, we can also find more prgrams through the awesome search feature it has. You can search by actor, title, genre, and much much more. You can also set it up for a season pass which will let you record all the episodes of your favorite programs so you don't miss a thing. Also a favorite of mine is the pause, fwd, and rwd of live tv! That way I can take time to run for that snack, or pause it when the phone rings, or even rewind if I happened to miss something or want to see it again. It's great!

Also you can do on the spot record, so for instance you start watching a program from the begining and have to leave the house for a errand in the middle of it, or maybe you think that someone else might like to watch that show later on or something, you can hit record and it will catch it from the begining so you can see it or share it later! Not like the some of the recorders of the old days where it would start recording at the point you hit the record button. But those are just a few of the features it has and I'm sure once you check it out, you'll love it as much as we do. Anyone who enjoys watching tv it's a definite must have!