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By the_gpt_reviewer on
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This is an awful, awful game; let's just get that out of the way right now. From the achievements, to the gameplay, to...well everything really, this game screams slapdash cash in. It's incredible, but the NES TMNT from 20 years ago is superior in almost every way. Sure the graphics are light years better (and the only redeeming part of the game), but that's it.

I would take hours to list everything that's wrong with this game, but let me hit on a few gems. First, the main theme of the plot is teamwork, but there is no co-op mode available. I mean, we had co-op TMNT in 1992. Second, this game is based on a movie, but there are maybe two animated cut-scenes. Everything else is a static storyboard with brainless narration trying to explain everything that happens between boards. Would it really be that hard to plug in some scenes from the movie? Finally, the game play itself redefines pointless. Every board is a.) run around by yourself b.) hit an invisible wall and fight identical enemies for a few minutes c.) move on to next period of running around an empty board. Mind you this happens EVERY time, since it's basically impossible to die unless you intentionally throw yourself off a cliff.

Bottom line: Don't waste a cent on this game. Like its namesake, it deserves to be flushed down the toilet and left in the sewers.