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To Our Children's Children, Your Family History

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Have you ever wondered if your great grandparents had a beloved pet? Wouldn't you have liked to know more about their childhood? What was their school day like? Who was their favorite sports figure? Did they have a nickname? Who was their first love? I sure wish I could have known them better some how.

Chances are, like me, you may have missed out on getting to know who your ancestors really were. With this book titled To Our Children's Children, it isn't too late for us to get started collecting information from remaining living relatives to see if we can fill in some of the blanks and create a rich history of our family that will be treasured for years to come.

How about us? Wouldn't it be nice to preserve some of those treasured memories from our childhoods and thereafter for future generations? Wouldn't it be fun to find out where our parents spent holidays as children? What sorts of rules did they have to follow in school and were they ever disciplined for breaking those rules?

I have found this wonderful book is an absolute treasure. It can be used by anyone who wishes to record their family history. It was written by Bob Greene and his sister, D.G. Fulford. I am so grateful to have found this book. It is chock full of questions that any family member can answer.

I found this book to be a terrific one for anyone interested in Genealogy as well. It is broken down into chapters, with titles such as: Getting Started, Your Family and Ancestry, The House of Your Growing Up, Childhood/Neighborhood, Holidays and Celebrations, Food, and so much more. There are many questions here about subjects you probably would not have thought to ask on your own.

This book is mainly set up with questions, over one thousand of them. Not all questions pertain to all people, though, such as the chapter on careers in the military. There are no spaces for answers in this book, so more than one person can use it, though I think everyone should have their own copy.

The difficulty I found using this book comes with writing or typing out all the questions and answers. This book was created in 1993, before the age when everyone had a personal computer. Luckily, we have it easier now, but there is still a lot of work involved. Some people are using tape recorders and video recorders to make it easier, especially with older relatives. Hopefully, if you are excited about this project, like I am, it will seem more like a labor of love.

After a bit of research, I discovered Bob Greene published a second book similar to this one, which provides spaces to write the answers to 365 thought provoking questions. It would be in more of a journal type format.

If it were not for this book, I may never have known my dad took violin lessons and had a favorite Uncle Joe. I would never have known that my mother was actually born in a house around the corner from her childhood house, not the house on ABC street, which I originally thought. And to see their faces light up when talking about an old childhood dog or cat, priceless!

If you wish to give your family one of the best presents ever, check out To Our Children's Children. Just think of how grateful future generations will be that someone took the time to create such a heartfelt gift. Wouldn't you have loved it if one of your ancestors had? I know I would. A huge thank you to Bob Greene for creating this amazing little book.